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Our Story

Do you know that magical smell and feeling when you're baking those delicious ginger bread cookies or some beautiful apple pie?

Well we do, let us bring you closer to that feeling!

Welcome to our little magical shop. If you like that sweet cinnamony smell and taste, here you will surely find some awesome things for yourself and for the people you love.

First thing' s first, let me tell you a little story about us.

One girl once moved to big city all alone and dreamed about having a loving cinnamony sweet home with someone special. She searched long time an made a wish upon falling star. Well very soon, that wish was granted. She met her cinnamony soulmate and his dark chocolate dog!

Soon, they started to build their own nest, always creating more and more things that would bring that cinnamon sweet feeling in their little home.

Yes, that's us, we are both designers and we create small things that will make your home feel warm and magical. Every pattern is carefully designed with love and ginger bread cookies..or sometimes apple pie also 😊